Onshape Custom Feature Development

Smooth Cut is excited to partner with you to automate your Onshape workflows for more efficient and robust modeling.

As a previous Onshape employee, I designed and led the development of many of the features you use in the product today. In the process I grew a deep knowledge base of best practices. Developing an Onshape Custom Features allow us to dramatically decrease the time you spend on repetitive tasks.

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page with your custom product idea and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Recent Projects

Custom Hose feature with easy drag points:

Custom cabinet box Handle feature to select from company's library:

Design & Development

Each custom feature goes through a rigorous design process to ensure it exceeds expectations. In the discovery phase we meet over phone/video call and discuss feature inputs and outputs. We also look through sample documents so I know exactly how the feature will be used. From there we agree to a scope document and I get writing. 

Once a prototype is ready I share the document with you and we give the feature a try to test for any bugs or workflow improvements. From there we go through another round of development before final sign off.

Most projects can be completed in just a week or two.


At the end of each project I transfer the Onshape document to your company. So you always own the feature! Additional bug fix and improvement services may be arranged.


I specialize in geometric custom features for use in the Onshape Part Studio. Some common use cases include automation of a repetitive task, like adding holes/cutouts for hardware. More advanced features include creating an entire cabinet library that can easily be configured for each new client project. The possibilities are endless!

Connect with us!

If you have any ideas for a custom Onshape features, or any questions about our design and creation process, contact us by filling out the form below! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You’ll be kept up-to-date throughout the entire process so you can be sure that your custom feature will be exactly what you imagined.