The Smooth Cut Story

 man carving woodwood clock piece

Thank you for exploring Smooth Cut! My name is Tim, I am the proud owner, designer, and founder of Smooth Cut. I have a passion for adventuring in new places and learning new things. Ever since I was a kid I was building stuff. Yes, I was the kid taking everything apart and putting it back together.

I started Smooth Cut because I recognized a need in my own life: I needed somewhere to put my watches that was less bulky than a common watch box. I began making prototypes and fell in love with the wood design process. 

Our Design Process

Our process is simple; we create products with a functional value that will solve real-world problems. Once a need is identified, I begin by sketching out many designs until I converge on a few options. I then build prototypes of a few models until I perfect every part of the design. I always test the products repeatedly by using them myself. Over time, I refine the dimensions to get the perfect proportions that will perform the best. We guarantee that every product model will be thoroughly tested before being placed on the market. 

Our Value  

Inspired by minimalist and mid-century modern design, Smooth Cut meets at the intersection of form and function. All of our pieces are inspired by fresh, minimalistic, and timeless design. Every Smooth Cut product is crafted by hand using high-quality hardwood and premium materials and finishes. It is our pleasure to offer quick, free shipping on all domestic US orders.