Handcrafted Wood Products & Accessories In Oregon


Our team at The Smooth Cut is proud to provide Oregon with our handcrafted hardwood products! Each of our products are made to order with the highest quality materials and care. Some of our most popular products include watch stands, headphone stands, desk accessories, jewelry boxes, and more. We also craft custom products for our customers, like tables, chairs, dressers, bed frames, desks, night stands, media cabinets, coffee tables, and whatever other ideas you might have. The Smooth Cut was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by Tim Rice, a talented craftsman whose goal was to share his love of beautiful handmade wooden products with the world. At the Smooth Cut, our goal is to provide our customers with products that are both great looking and highly functional.

Free Shipping To Oregon

The Smooth Cut is happy to offer our customers in Oregon fast, free shipping on all of our products. Most of our products can be ordered, created, and shipped out in just a few days, so you’ll have your order in no time! Each of our hardwood products are crafted with functionality in mind - meaning that they don’t just look great, they work great too. Our design process always starts with a need, followed by the creation of prototypes until we’ve achieved exactly what we’ve been picturing: the perfect product in both aesthetics and functionality. We also offer our customers custom products, so we can assure you that whatever it is you have in mind, we can make it a reality! Check out our custom products page to learn more! If you have any questions about the handmade hardwood products that we provide to Texas, feel free to contact us! Fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!