Handcrafted Wood Designs

watch display wood

The Smooth Cut was started in 2019 because we saw a need for modern, minimalist designed furniture. Each of our designs is made with function in mind and is always aimed at solving a problem that people encounter in day-to-day life. The first watch display was created to satisfy the need for a small holder to fit on a desk or shelf that would beautifully display the watches. The products we found on the market were far too bulky and made from low-quality materials. 

We got to work right away, sketched out many designs, built a few different prototypes, and eventually settled on the final design we produce today. Concentrating on creating a product that functioned well, allowed the form to design itself naturally. Our style is simple yet elegant.

Our Process

Have you ever used a product and wondered if the designers even tested the product as they were making it? We avoided that by continuously testing prototypes and refining the design along the way. The final result is a product that looks great and works even better.

Here’s an overview of the process we use to create our quality wood design pieces. First, the raw lumber comes in from the sawmill, and we use a planer and jointer to make flat and square dimensional boards. From there, we use a combination of a table saw, band saw, and router to create the smooth shapes. Before finishing, each piece is sanded by hand. A sealer and topcoat are then sprayed to make the perfect semi-gloss finish.

Materials We Use 

We use premium hardwoods and hand finishing to craft all of our products. The base of our designs starts with handpicked walnut and maple. These highly durable hardwoods are used to create products that will last a lifetime. 

All of our products are designed locally in Boston, Massachusetts, and manufactured in the United States. Our experienced craftspeople take care and pride in each piece created. 

Custom Designs 

The Smooth Cut is moving towards creating large custom furniture pieces such as desks, tables, and bed frames. If you are located locally and are interested in a custom piece, we would love to work with you. Please contact us through the website for more information!