Create The Perfect Work From Home Space

Create The Perfect Work From Home Space

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The global pandemic has caused a shift toward working from home, temporarily for some, more permanent for others. We can all agree that working remotely does have its perks, from eliminating long commutes to increasing flexibility.     

Whether you are still working from home or back in the office, your desk space should not be neglected. In order to stay on track during the workday, it is essential to create an environment that keeps your attention focused on the tasks at hand. 

The Benefits of an Organized Desk  

Creating and maintaining an organized workspace is crucial to productivity and focus during the workday. A messy desk can lead to distractions and the inability to find essential items needed to work efficiently. Here are some benefits of an organized desk:

  • Reduced stress level
  • Increased productivity 
  • Saves time 
  • Creates a professional appearance 
  • Improves focus on work and fewer distractions

Elevate Your Office Space With The Smooth Cut 

Set yourself up for success with help from The Smooth Cut! We have created a line of handcrafted wood designs that will create a modern, sleek workspace while also prioritizing organization.  

Pencil Tray 

Our walnut hardwood pencil tray serves as a stylish way to keep all of your pens and pencils easily accessible. The minimalist design creates a professional appearance while also adding functionality to the desk. Each tray is finished with premium semi-gloss to increase the durability and lifespan of the piece. View additional product information and order your pencil tray here.

Monitor Riser 

Traditional monitor risers can be bulky and unappealing to look at. The Smooth Cut has created a product to solve this issue. We have crafted our twist on a monitor riser with an elegant design and extra shelves for even more organization. Our monitor riser in walnut hardwood is the perfect complement to the pen/ pencil tray. Don’t stare at an unappealing monitor riser all day long; order from The Smooth Cut today! 

Office Clock

Are you looking for something to add a unique flair to your office space? Our Nixie clock is the perfect addition to any desk. The Nixie incorporates natural hardwood with retro warm amber bulbs to create a mid-century modern clock. This piece makes for an excellent gift for a loved one or yourself! View details and shop here.  

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